History of the Faculty

Physics at the Warsaw University of Technology is as old as the University of Technology itself. Among the first buildings of the University erected in the years 1899–1901 was the Physics Building, designed, like the Main Building, by an outstanding architect, Stefan Szyller. This does not mean that the Faculty of Physics existed from the beginning of the University's existence, as the establishment of such a faculty took place only 100 years later, but it does mean how much importance the founders of the University attached to physics as the basic knowledge that a well-educated engineer should have. This is also evidenced by the attic of the Main Building with an allegorical sculpture representing Knowledge, Physics and Chemistry.

The beginnings of technical education in Poland (19th century)

When, on the initiative of Stanisław Staszic, the Preparatory School for the Polytechnic Institute was established on January 4, 1826, teaching physics at this Higher School from the very beginning played a fundamental role.

Warszawskij Politechniczeskij Institut (1898-1905)

A new chapter of technical education began only in 1898, when, over 100 years ago, from the patriotic uprising of Polish society, a higher polytechnic school was established - "Warszawskij Politechniczeskij Institut"(Warsaw Polytechnic Institute), the continuation of which after several years - already as a university with a Polish name - became Politechnika Warszaska (Warsaw University of Technology).

Physics at the Warsaw University of Technology (1915-1939)

The next chapter of history begins in 1915, when, as a result of the activities of Polish organizations, a higher technical school was established on the basis of the Polytechnic Institute - the Warsaw University of Technology. It was a fully Polish university - with Polish as the language of instruction and Polish research and teaching staff, mostly engineers and scientists who came back from abroad.

The activity of Professor Mieczysław Wolfke

In 1921, the Department of Physics I was established at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (later Electrical), and in 1922 Professor Mieczysław Wolfke became the head of this department, who, as Professor Sz. Szczeniowski - was an outstanding physicist.

University of Technology during the occupation

In November 1939, the German authorities ordered the closure of all universities in Warsaw, including the Warsaw University of Technology.

Post-war period

After the end of the war, in 1945, the Warsaw University of Technology resumed its activity in Warsaw (in 1944 the Warsaw University of Technology in Lublin was reactivated). In 1946, classes in physics began. The Physics Building was rebuilt, it was seriously damaged during the Warsaw Uprising.

The sixties and seventies

The period of the beginning of the 1960s was a period in which the role of physics became significant both in the teaching of technical departments and scientific research.

Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics (FTiMS)

In 1975 the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics was established by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology (FTiMS)

Wydział Fizyki

On December 16, 1998, the Senate of the Warsaw University of Technology passed a resolution to abolish the Faculty of FTiMS and establish the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Sciences