Student internships

Student Internship Support System (PL)


  • 4 weeks (eng.)
  • 2 weeks (M.Sc.)

Contact the company or other third party where the internship is to be carried out and determine:

  • What is the subject of the internship? (e.g. a list of specific tasks to be performed)
  • Who will be the tutor of internships? Who will be the representative of the external entity authorized to sign the agreement with Faculty of Physics?

Practices: a flowchart

  1. Student: I am looking for an internship, I establish contact with the tutor / representative and determine the subject of the internship.
  2. Student: I complete the data in the Internship Service System.
  3. Plenipotentiary: I accept the entered data, print the agreement in 3 sections, sign it and leave it for collection at the Faculty.
  4. Student: I collect the agreement and bring it to an external entity for signature.
  5. Student: I am sending a scan of the signed agreement to the Representative before starting the internship.
  6. Representative: On the basis of the scan, I approve the commencement of the internship in the system.
  7. Student: I attend an internship.
  8. Student: After completing the internship, I write a report and ask the tutor / representative for its approval (signature) and for issuing an opinion. Report and opinion templates are available for download in the system.
  9. Student: I leave the report, opinion and original agreement at the Faculty for the Plenipotentiary. At the same time, I inform him about it by e-mail.
  10. Plenipotentiary: I accept the internship and issue a certificate to the Student, which is sent to the Dean's Office.

I am already working or done internship

I don't know - I'm asking!

I know:

  1. I fill in the fields in the system and generate an application to the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs (1 copy).
  2. I enclose with the application a copy of the employment contract with the specified scope of duties.
  3. Instead of a contract, the application may be accompanied by a report on the work covered by the internship and the opinion of the internship tutor (e.g. supervisor).
  4. I submit the application with attachments to the Representative. The plenipotentiary examines the application and submits it, along with her recommendation, to the Dean, who decides on the completion of the internship.
  5. If the application is approved, the Representative counts the internship and issues a certificate

I have a different arrangement

I don't know - I'm asking!

I know:

  1. I turn to the Plenipotentiary or the Dean for the appropriate signatures.
  2. I introduce my internships to the internship service system.
  3. I'm going to an internship.
  4. I come back from internships with a report and opinion, which I pass on to the Plenipotentiary.
  5. The representative completes the internship and issues a certificate.