Classes for schools

At the first meeting, students will learn the basics of optical phenomena used to create a hologram, and then independently create a Fresnel hologram. A characteristic feature of this hologram is the fact that it can only be reproduced in coherent light, e.g. in a laser beam.

In the second class, participants will learn the methods of recording a volumetric hologram (also known as a thick hologram). The most interesting and effective method of making this type of hologram is to save it using the Fresnel hologram. A special feature of a thick hologram is that you can observe it in white light, e.g. incandescent or sunlight.

Since a darkroom is necessary for recording holograms, classes can only be held in small groups. A group of exactly six people (plus a tutor) is invited to the workshops at one time. We only accept organized groups (e.g. a group of students chosen by a physics teacher). While working in the laboratory, students are divided into teams of two. Each team is assigned a doctoral student who supervises the work and, if necessary, provides guidance.

We look forward to working with you!