Student's life

Dormitories, like the entire campus of the Warsaw University of Technology, are located in the very center of Warsaw, next to the metro line and a large communication junction bearing the name of our university. Getting to any point in the city is easy from here. Also, the cost of traveling by bus or tram is not high. Especially with a 50% student discount. The Warsaw University of Technology provides a rich scholarship system, especially for the less affluent members of the academic community. You can receive funding for a student residence hall, meals and a social grant. If you take your studies seriously and achieve good results in science or sports, your effort will be appreciated with additional science or sports scholarships. Moreover, in Warsaw, for enterprising people, there will always be some possibility of seasonal work or some extra money after school hours. Warsaw is truly a city of unlimited possibilities.

The Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology is also a rare opportunity to study in a good, friendly atmosphere. We currently educate about 400 students at 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree studies. Students and the academic staff really form one family here, the members of which know each other at least by sight. In addition, the beautiful and at the same time small Building of Physics creates a space conducive to well-being. The Student Government at the Faculty and the very active Science Club of Physicists are places open to your energy. Such activity is not only an extremely attractive place for the development of your social potential, but also opens many doors. With us, anyone who wants to pursue their ambitions can become a member of these organizations. Importantly, students account for over 17% of members of the Faculty Council - the body that decides on all matters important to the Faculty. This is an amazing lesson in responsibility.

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