Scientific Council Discipline of Physical Sciences of the Warsaw University of Technology

Scientific council of the discipline in the scope of the given scientific discipline:

  1. conducts proceedings for the awarding of academic degrees and grants academic degrees; 
  2. nostrifies academic degrees; 
  3. defines the strategy for the development of the discipline and the desired conditions for its implementation; 
  4. defines the scientific policy within the discipline and supervises its implementation in WUT units; 
  5. participates in the distribution of funds allocated by the Rector to research conducted in the University's organizational units within the scientific discipline appropriate to the competence of the council 
  6. carries out tasks related to the evaluation of the quality of scientific activity; 
  7. determines the values of criterion values in the field of scientific activity in the periodic evaluation of academic teachers; 
  8. gives opinions on employment in groups of employees: research and research - didactic; 
  9. proposes candidates for members of the doctoral school council representing the discipline; 
  10. participates in determining admission limits in recruitment to the doctoral school; 
  11. gives opinions on applications for scientific awards for employees; 
  12. gives opinions on the establishment, transformation or liquidation of an institute, chair or department operating in this discipline in the basic organizational units of the Warsaw University of Technology;