Student organizations

Student Government of the Warsaw University of Technology creates all WUT students.

Faculty Council of the Self-Government is a student representative at the faculty and beyond. His competences include: electing student representatives to the Faculty Council, defending student rights with teachers and deans, and issuing opinions on documents relating to students (class and session schedules, registration rules for subsequent stages of study, etc.). Self-government councils are not only work for the Dean and the teachers. It is primarily an activity for the benefit of students: local government officials help to develop the student research movement, help in resolving all their doubts as to whether they will diversify your life at the faculty by preparing various projects for you. The WRS organizes sports and tourist trips, parties, theater and opera trips at affordable prices for students. ;)

Participation in Student Scientific Assosiation (Koło Naukowe) will give you a lot of benefits: you will get a chance to face real scientific and technical problems, you will meet people like you who will help you implement your ideas, you will learn how to work in a team (and maybe also how to manage it), 53 you will take also participation in numerous events at the university and beyond. For many, this experience is much more valuable than that acquired as part of a study program.

There are also other non-scientific organizations operating at the WUT. These are unions of students who share a common passion and three main media groups: internet portal, radio i television – student-created media for students. You can also create them!