Recruitment conditions for engineering studies (1st stage)

Note: We recommend that all those interested in studies enter the second of our fields of study in the next place. As a student of the Faculty of Physics (regardless of the major), you have the right to attend both faculties. In higher years, it is also possible to change the field of study.

Recruitment for engineering studies (1st stagee) at the Faculty of Physics starts with the central registration of the candidate for the entire Warsaw University of Technology on the website:
Registration includes:

  1. providing personal data, contact details, attaching a photo in the form of a jpg file.
  2. Selection of Technical Physics and/or Photonics on the ranked list of preferred fields of study (maximum 5) at Warsaw University of Technology
  3. choosing the password to the candidate's account
  4. receipt of the Candidate number and bank account number which the ENTRY FEE of PLN 85 must be paid.
  5. Persons who did not consent to transfer their matriculation results by the National Matriculation Register or persons who passed the matriculation examination before 2006 MUST put these results on their account.

STUDY QUALIFICATION is done by calculating the number of classification points for each field entered on the Candidate List. When, for a given field of study, the Candidate has grades in several subjects allowed to choose from, the ones that give the candidate the HIGHEST NUMBER of points are selected. A ranking list is created for each field of study, and the Candidate is qualified for the first field of study in which he falls within the admissions limit. At the same time, his name is removed from the lower options and left in reserve for higher options. The Faculty Admissions Committee may establish the minimum number of points required from Candidates. Last year, a result of 130 points turned out to be the threshold for admissions to the field of Photonics.


The number of classification points is calculated based on the results of the matriculation examination in mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, biology, and a foreign language, multiplied by the following factors:

subject mathematics physics* informatics* chemistry*/biology* foreign language
extended level 1.000 1.000 0.750 0.250 0.250
base level 0.500 0.500 0.375 0.125 0.125

* - points are awarded from one of the additional subjects