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The internal grant competition supporting an application submitted in the ERC competition

WUT announces the internal grant competition funded by the project ,,Excellence Initiative – Research University”, for the employees of the Warsaw University Technology supporting an application submitted in the European Research Council (ERC) competition.

Regulations ERC Grants

Funding allocated for the grant may be used to finance the activities aimed at preparing the application for the ERC grant, and in particular

  • Remuneration of the Head and researchers employed.
  • Preparation of an opinion on the application by an expert, translation, and language consultations regarding the application.
  • A trip to a foreign centre to begin cooperation or consult on the application.

Submission and evaluation of the application

Applications for the grant supported by the Head of the basic organisational unit, prepared in accordance with the template constituting Appendix No 1 to this Regulation, shall be submitted in a paper by the Head of Grant in the Centre for Project Service (COP) or sent as a scan to

The deadline for the first call for proposals is 10 September 2021.

The deadline for the second call for proposals is 29 October 2021.

All documents and ambiguities shall be reported to and clarified by the agency of COP. Do you have questions? Contact COP.