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New ordinance of the Rector on the procedures in force at the university during a pandemic

The functioning of the Warsaw University of Technology during the COVID-19 epidemic is defined by the Rector's Order No. 110/2021 of November 18, 2021 (in Polish).

The ordinance is effective from November 19, 2021.

Highlights, rules, and guidelines

Safety rules

Persons staying in rooms and closed spaces on the University's premises are required to:

  • covering with a mask, mouth and nose.

The following are exempt from this obligation:

  • employees staying at their workstation in a room where customers are not accepted,
  • employees staying at their workstation separated from customers by partitions (except when they directly serve customers),
  • people who eat meals and drink drinks,
  • people who express themselves during the conduct of classes and public speeches.

Unit managers are required to:

  • place hand disinfectants in each teaching room and at student, doctoral students and external staff service stations,
  • ensure the disinfection of writing materials (after each use) at the student, doctoral student and external staff service desks,
  • post the instructions for washing hands and maintaining hygiene in sanitary rooms.

Students and doctoral students are required to:

  • airing the rooms after each class.

The main users of WUT facilities are required to:

  • place hand disinfection devices at the entrances to buildings with relevant information (in Polish and English),
  • clean and disinfect university buildings, classrooms, air conditioners, sanitary facilities and surfaces touched by many people (handrails, dinner tables, sports equipment, door and window handles, elevator buttons, teaching and educational aids, etc.),
  • post information (in Polish and English) about the rules of using the elevator by the elevators,
  • create or update emergency contact lists and place them next to first aid kits
  • provide a suitable room for temporary isolation of people.

Information on confirming coronavirus infection and undergoing quarantine, as well as on any change in this regard, should be reported to the following address: Employees are also required to pass this information on to the head of their unit, and students and doctoral students - to the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs.


  • Classes are held in a stationary mode.
  • Classes in the remote mode can be conducted for large lecture and seminar groups.
  • In justified cases, the Rector may decide to conduct classes partially remotely (mixed) or remotely.
  • The detailed method of conducting classes is determined by the head of the basic organizational unit (ie the Dean of the Faculty or the Director of the College).
  • The manner of organization of diploma exams and the rules of internship are defined by the head of the basic organizational unit (ie the Dean of the Faculty or the Director of the College).

Events and visits

  • Cultural, entertainment, integration and scientific events (i.e. concerts, conferences, trainings, etc.) may take place on a stationary basis, taking into account the currently applicable law and safety rules, after prior notification of the Rector.
  • Foreign guests visiting WUT are required to sign the relevant declaration attached to the Rector's order.

Organization of work

Employees work stationary, in accordance with the applicable safety rules.

In individual, especially justified cases, remote work can be introduced for a given employee. This decision is made by:

  • head (in the case of employees of a basic or university-wide organizational unit),
  • Vice-Rector for General Affairs, Chancellor or Bursar (in the case of organizational units of central administration subordinate to the Rector, Chancellor or Bursar, respectively),
  • Vice-rector for Branch in Płock (in the case of employees of the Branch in Płock).