List of researchers who have been awarded the academic title of habilitated doctor of physical sciences on the basis of a resolution of the Faculty of Physics Council (until September 2019) or the Scientific Council of the Physical Sciences Discipline (from October 2019).

Dr hab. Jerzy Antonowicz

Awarded on 29 June 2017

Dr hab. Viktor Begun

Awarded on 21 February 2019

Dr hab. Paweł Berczyński

Awarded on 30 June 2016

Dr hab. Teodor Buchner

Awarded on 12 March 2020

Dr hab. Mariola Buczkowska

Awarded on 29 September 2015

Dr hab. Andrzej Domański

Awarded on 28 June 2005

Dr hab. Józef Dygas

Awarded on 8 March 2001

Dr hab. Agata Fronczak

Awarded on 9 October 2014

Dr hab. Piotr Fronczak

Awarded on 29 September 2015

Dr hab. Wojciech Gębicki

Awarded on 11 October 2012

Dr hab. Kaziemierz Gniadek

Awarded on 18 November 1999

Dr hab. Jacek Gosk

Awarded on 24 March 2016

Dr hab. Andrzej Grabowski

Awarded on 29 November 2012

Dr hab. Łukasz Graczykowski

Awarded on 29 June 2023

Dr hab. Marek Gutowski

Awarded on 27 November 2008

Dr hab. Małgorzata Igalson

Awarded on 8 December 2005

Dr hab. Jarosław Judek

Awarded on 21 May 2020

Dr hab. Mirosław Karpierz

Awarded on 15 June 2000

Dr hab. Zbigniew Kaszkur

Awarded on 10 January 2008

Dr hab. Rafał Kasztelanic

Awarded on 19 December 2013

Dr hab. Daniel Kikoła

Awarded on 27 September 2018

Dr hab. Adam Kisiel

Awarded on 16 December 2004

Dr hab. Georgui Kornakov Van

Awarded on 29 September 2022

Dr hab. Anna Kozanecka-Szmigiel

Awarded on 22 November 2018