Faculty authorities

Zdjęcie dziekanów Wydziału Fizyki

Dean of the Faculty of Physics

Vice-Dean for General Affairs

Vice-Dean for Science and Development

Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs


Dean office

 +48 222 347 267, +48 226 296 124, +48 226 288 345

 +48 226 282 171


Representatives of the Dean of the Faculty of Physics

Representative for the Erasmus program:  Ertman Sławomir

Representative for student internships for the field of photonics:  Sobotka Piotr

Representative for student internships for the field of technical physics:  Ślubowska-Walkusz Wioleta

Promotion representative:  Petelczyc Krzysztof

Attorney for health and safety at work:  Krawczyk Marcin

Laser and optical radiation representative:  Fersten Jacek

Data protection officer:  Bajdecki Waldemar

Public procurement representative:  Duda Przemysław

Representative for projects and structural funds:  Laudyn Urszula Anna

Head of doctoral studies:  Garbarczyk Jerzy

Social Labor Inspector:  Mirowska Danuta

Radiological Protection Inspector:  Jakubowska Martyna