Fascinating physics

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology for high school students, teachers and all those interested in the wonderful world of laws governing nature.

We invite you to many popular science events, such as the Science Festival or the Science Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Center, where students of our Faculty will show you wonderful physical experiences, unusual devices and materials with surprising properties.

Students especially fond of physics, together with high school physics teachers, are invited to test themselves in the Physical Competition (Konkurs Fizyczny) or the Physical Olympics - winning will open the door to their dream studies.
We also offer high school teachers to diversify their classes in the form of the Internet Physics Laboratory, which will allow them to simulate or conduct physical experiments over the Internet. We also invite you to our modern laboratories for a practical physics lesson or holography workshops. Upon notification by the teacher, it is also possible to view the Faculty's research laboratories.
We invite high school graduates to study engineering in the field of Technical Physics or Photonics - the modern subject of the classes will not only allow you to find a job in the rapidly changing market in the future, but also enable you to design new technologies of the 21st century.