WUT Physics Hall

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rental offer of the Auditorium in the historic Building of Physics. The Building of Physics is, next to the Main Building, one of the oldest buildings of the Warsaw University of Technology. Both buildings have a common architectural concept (designed by Stefan Szyller). The building was shaped around a Hall covered with a colorful glass roof. The hall is surrounded by arcaded cloisters.

The Hall in the Building of Physics can have both representative and utility functions, it is a perfect place to organize exhibitions, balls and other events there. The ground floor of the Hall has an area of about 580 m2 (including cloisters 230 m2). The elevation of the first and second floors is made up of galleries open to the Hall.

We also have an Auditorium, where it is possible to organize conferences and trainings on weekends, and during the holiday season (July - September) also during the week.

Aula Gmachu Fizyki - zdjęcia

Aula - plan parteru (.jpg, 08/03/2021)

Aula - plan 1 piętra (.jpg, 08/03/2021)

Aula - widok z poziomu podłogi w kierunku wejścia
Aula - widok z poziomu podłogi na klatkę schodową
Aula - detal kolumny
Aula - I piętro
Aula - I piętro (detal barierki)
Aula - II piętro
 Aula - II piętro (detal barierki)
Aula - 1925 r. (inauguracja r. akad)

Audytorium - zdjęcia

Audytorium - widok na katedrę
 Audytorium - widok na miejsca dla słuchaczy