Studies with IST

Individual Scientific Tutoring (IST) is dedicated to students who, having outstanding academic results, want to go beyond the framework of standard education and participate in the implementation of scientific and research projects under the supervision of scientists from the Faculty of Physics.

The aim of studies with IST is to create optimal conditions for individual development and to enable the acquisition of skills and experience that can usually be obtained only after graduation. We want to involve students in ongoing research projects, show what the work of a scientist looks like, what it means to plan and carry out an experiment, draw conclusions from the research and present the results to a wide audience. The idea of studying at IST is development - we are looking for active students, taking the initiative, full of commitment and passion, and willing to self-development and broaden scientific horizons.

After completing their studies with ION, students receive an appropriate certificate, handed over at the official final seminar, giving the opportunity to boast about the obtained results and their own scientific achievements. Moreover, the information about completing studies with the ION is included in the supplement to the graduation diploma, which is a distinction among other graduates of the Faculty of Physics.

Recruitment procedure:

A student applying for IST studies is required to provide the following documents:

  1. Application to start studies with the ION (according to the formula),
  2. The consent of the individual tutor to cover the student with scientific supervision,
  3. The ION study plan approved by the academic supervisor in the form of a description of the planned research (along with the schedule and tasks) and the expected results of the research work (e.g. publications, papers presented at conferences, seminars, etc.),
  4. Study course card with a certificate of the average grade obtained in the previous year of study,
  5. Curriculum vitae containing a list of the student's achievements to date and a description of skills useful in the implementation of studies at IST.


List of topics and their scientific advisors: