List of researchers who have been awarded the academic title of habilitated doctor of physical sciences on the basis of a resolution of the Faculty of Physics Council (until September 2019) or the Scientific Council of the Physical Sciences Discipline (from October 2019).

Dr hab. Bogusław Kusz

Awarded on 31 January 2006

Dr hab. Piotr Lesiak

Awarded on 18 June 2015

Dr hab. Piotr Magierski

Awarded on 23 May 2002

Dr hab. Michał Makowski

Awarded on 3 July 2014

Dr hab. Michał Marzantowicz

Awarded on 29 September 2015

Dr hab. Jan Nowiński

Awarded on 12 May 2011

Dr hab. Krystyna Pękała

Awarded on 2 December 2010

Dr hab. Marek Pękała

Awarded on 5 April 2001

Dr hab. Tomasz Pietrzak

Awarded on 25 March 2021

Dr hab. Katarzyna Rutkowska

Awarded on 21 January 2016

Dr hab. Ryszard Siegoczyński

Awarded on 6 April 2000

Dr hab. Marek Sierakowski

Awarded on 14 June 2012

Dr hab. Paweł Sobkowicz

Awarded on 25 February 2016

Dr hab. Anna Stolarz

Awarded on 19 December 2013

Dr hab. Maciej Sypek

Awarded on 16 April 2009

Dr hab. Aleksander Urbaniak

Awarded on 12 March 2020

Dr hab. Marek Wasiucionek

Awarded on 6 March 2003

Dr hab. Michał Wierzbicki

Awarded on 12 March 2020

Dr hab. Michał Wilczyński

Awarded on 15 May 2014

Dr hab. Gabriel Wlazłowski

Awarded on 12 October 2017

Dr hab. Wojciech Wróbel

Awarded on 18 June 2015

Dr hab. Paweł Zabierowski

Awarded on 21 May 2020

Dr hab. Hanna Zbroszczyk

Awarded on 25 April 2019

Dr hab. Mariusz Zdrojek

Awarded on 23 April 2015