Post-doc/assistant professor offer within the NCN OPUS 16 scientific project

“Dynamics of microparticles in fluids”

INSTITUTION: Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences
CITY: Warsaw
POSITION: post-doc / assistant professor
SCIENTIFIC DISCIPLINE: mechanical engineering
DEADLINE: October 10, 2022
KEY WORDS: theoretical physics of complex fluids, mathematical hydrodynamics, statistical
mechanics, theoretical modeling, numerical computations, Stokes equations, hydrodynamic

Project leader: Professor Maria L. Ekiel-Jeżewska

Plan of research
The goal is to analyze dynamics of microparticles in fluids, taking into account the influence of fluid
on shapes and motion of structures formed by microparticles, and to perform synthesis of obtained
numerical and theoretical results, and compare them to experiments, and prepare to be published.
Information about the project “Dynamics of microparticles in fluids”,
During the project, it will be possible to participate in international scientific collaboration and attend
scientific conferences and schools.

• documented PhD degree
• documented deep knowledge in science (theoretical physics and mathematics)
• knowledge of mechanics of very viscous fluids interacting with solid inclusions, such as, e.g.,
deformable microparticles
• practical knowledge of hydrodynamics and theory of hydrodynamic interactions
• advanced numerical skills (Fortran or C, Matlab or Mathematica, Python)
• at least 2 publications as the first or corresponding author in scientific journals from JCR list
from 2018 until now
• motivation and skills to carry scientific work
• meeting the requirements of the Resolution of the Scientific Council of the IPPT PAN on the
rules of employment in scientific positions
• fluent English
The terms of employment:
• Funding: 10000 PLN monthly (taxes will be deducted from this amount – for pension, health
insurance and income tax; after subtraction of all taxes the income will be around 6500 PLN
per month)
• Duration: the post is for 6,06 months starting from December 1, 2022

Recruitment process
1) The post-doc position is awarded according in Annex to NCN Council Resolution No 76/2018 of
September 6, 2018, amending the Regulations on awarding funding for research tasks funded by the
National Science Centre as regards research projects, post- doctoral fellowships and doctoral
2) NCN post-doc position may be awarded to a person, who meets all of the following criteria:
a) has been selected by means of the open competition procedure, carried out by a three- person
recruitment committee appointed by the head of the project’s host institution, composed of the
project’s principal investigator as its chair and at least two other persons selected by them, who
have all the necessary scientific or professional qualifications. The assessment of the candidates
is carried out pursuant to the criteria outlined in the call announcement, and the results are made
public by posting on the website of the project’s host institution;
b) will be employed for a period not shorter than 6 months;
c) for two years before employment in the project has not been employed by the host entity
pursuant to a contract of employment
d) at the time of receiving this remuneration, they are not receiving any other remuneration paid
from the resources granted as direct costs under NCN calls;
e) in the period of receiving the salary they are not employed pursuant to another contract of
f) the doctoral degree was obtained in 2015 or later (with the exceptions specified on page 29, footnote
16 of

Required documents
• Motivation letter (in English)
• CV, including all scientific achievements, publication list, programming skills
• A reference letter written by an experienced scientist and sent by him/her directly to
• copy of diploma a PhD diploma or a certificate attesting a PhD degree
• Signed statement: “I agree to the processing of personal data contained in my job offer for the
needs necessary to carry out the recruitment process conducted by IPPT PAN with headquarters
in Warsaw, ul. A. Pawińskiego 5B, according to art. 13 para. 1 and 2 of Regulation (EU)
2016/679 of the Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals
with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and the
repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (RODO)..”
• in the application, please provide the announcement number BSP/DSP/110-34/2022.
Submission of the applications

HR Office: with a copy to, by post or in person: ul. A. Pawińskiego 5b, 02-106 Warsaw, phone no. 22 826 98 23