Call for PhD student in the field of ultracold atomic gases and nuclear theory

The successful candidate will investigate superfluid dynamics in Fermi systems with dissipation and fluctuations.

Job Description:
The successful candidate will investigate superfluid dynamics in Fermi systems with dissipation and fluctuations. In particular, he/she is expected to pursue studies focused on the development/construction of a microscopic theoretical framework capable of executing real-time dynamics of superfluid Fermi systems and, subsequently, apply it to ultracold atomic and nuclear systems (neutron stars). The framework utilizes density functional theory concepts. One of the outcomes is expected to be in the form of a contribution to developed by us (open-source) software for simulating ultracold Fermi gases across BCS-BEC crossover (W-SLDA Toolkit) and its further extension to nuclear systems. Inevitably, high-performance computing (HPC) will be an essential part of the research. The position also assumes strong collaboration with our partners from USA and Japan.
The successful candidate will become a team member that executes the project: Superfluid dynamics in Fermi systems with dissipation and fluctuations (National Science Center grant).

Applicants must have a M.Sc. degree, or foreign equivalent, and experience in the theory of ultracold gases or nuclear theory. We are looking for a candidate with knowledge of many-body quantum mechanics methods. The prospective candidate should have an interest in computational methods and their application to solving physical problems. Knowledge of parallel programming techniques (OpenMP, MPI) or CUDA technology will be advantageous.

Employment status:
Full-time, position should start with end of Nov, 2023 (precise date will be decided together with successful candidate).

Salary and selection rules:

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Application deadline: Nov 26, 2023.
Result announcement: Before end of Nov. 2023

For more information contact Gabriel Wlazłowski,
email: gabriel.w lazlowski
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