Contract of mandate

A mandate contract is an agreement in which the contractor undertakes to perform a specific service or legal action for the principal. The contractor is responsible to the principal for exercising due diligence in the performance of the contract.

In the event of the need to conclude a contract for a specific work, without the possibility of using model contracts, it is absolutely necessary to obtain a legal opinion.


 Only persons employed at the Warsaw University of Technology submit a declaration on the performance of the contract outside working time. They must also obtain the consent of their immediate supervisor to conclude the contract.

Contract of mandate (.odt, 06/10/2021)

Acceptance report

Contract bill 

Contract bill (in Polish) (.odt, 06/10/2021)

ZUS forms 

  ZUS is The Social Insurance Institution - the social security system institution in Poland

  The application for insurance for a family member is voluntary.

  The ZUA form is only completed by people not working at the Warsaw University of Technology who do not achieve the minimum wage

  The ZZA form is filled out only by people working outside the Warsaw University of Technology who earn at least the minimum wage and do not want contributions from the contract, a certificate of employment and full-time employment and payment of contributions from at least the minimum wage for social insurance in another job is needed

  The ZWUA form is to be completed only by persons not working at the Warsaw University of Technology

SAP questionnaire

   The SAP questionnaire is submitted only by persons who conclude a contract with the Warsaw University of Technology for the first time

Statements for foreigners

   The following documents are submitted only by persons residing outside Poland, but within the territory of the EU or EFTA, and paying social security contributions outside Poland. The form A1 is issued by the social security institution person is registered with in the home country. It is required to attach also the tax-residence ceriticate from the home contry.