Master theses

Detailed descriptions of thesis topics containing the scientific background and the scope of tasks to be performed are available after opening the PDF file with the list of topics and clicking on the title of the thesis in Polish.

Prace magisterskie na kierunku Fizyka Techniczna

logo fizyki technicznej

Skład komisji egzaminu dyplomowego:

Specjalność Fizyka i technika jądrowa:

Specjalność Fizyka medyczna:

Specjalność Optyka stosowana:

Specjalność Eksploracja danych i modelowanie interdyscyplinarne:

Specjalność Fizyka zaawansowanych materiałów:

Master's theses in the field of Photonics

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Composition of the diploma examination board:

Przydatne dokumenty

Please be advised that there is no longer an obligation to attach a CD with a recorded diploma thesis to the documents related to the diploma.

There remains the obligation to upload the thesis to the APD system and provide the JSA anti-plagiarism report signed by the Promoter.



Pursuant to Regulation No. 107/2021 of the Rector of WUT, the Dean of the Faculty of Physics of WUT reserves the obligation to print diploma theses. Before submitting the diploma thesis, the student agrees with the supervisor on the number of copies to be printed (at least 1 copy will be delivered to the Dean's Office with other documents necessary to admit the student to the diploma examination) and downloads from the Dean's Office an appropriate number of covers (no more than 4).


From 01.07.2021

Supplements are generated in the USOSweb System before the diploma examination.

The following documents are submitted with one copy of the diploma dissertation:

- application for admission to the diploma examination,

- JSA anti-plagiarism report (Uniform Anti-plagiarism System) - printout accepted and signed by the Promoter,

- poster.

The remaining information is completed by the student in the USOSweb system.

Before the diploma examination, the student is required to accept the Supplement in the USOSweb system.

In connection with the implementation of the new guidelines for paying fees for the above-mentioned documents, the fee is charged in USOS after the student's decision in the system how many items and in what language he orders the diploma and the supplement. Therefore, the fee is payable only after visible calculation in the USOSweb.

Please be advised that at the Faculty of Physics in the USOSweb system, e-Obiegówka for Graduates and deleted students has been launched.

Information on the status of signatures can be checked in USOSweb in the For all - Recipients tab. Graduates who do not have a visible e-Circulation in the USOSweb system are asked to contact the Dean's Office at the following e-mail address:

ATTENTION! Each student is entitled to a maximum of four diploma thesis covers available in the dean's office free of charge.

Archiwum Prac Dyplomowych

Zgodnie z wymogami art. 167b Ustawy o Szkolnictwie Wyższym Uczelnia zobligowana jest do zbierania elektronicznych informacji o pracach dyplomowych oraz przekazywania samych prac do ogólnopolskiego repozytorium pisemnych prac dyplomowych. W związku z tym Politechnika Warszawska udostępniła studentom, Promotorom, Recenzentom oraz pracownikom Dziekanatów system APD zintegrowany z systemem USOSweb.

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