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Rules for determining the remuneration:

  • For work performed on the basis of a mandate contract or a specific specific task contract, contractual remuneration is payable upon issuing an invoice, on the terms specified in the contract. 
  • The remuneration specified in the contract is gross remuneration. 
  • The amount of remuneration may be determined in the form of a lump sum or cost estimate. 
  • The amount of remuneration is determined on the basis of the rates applicable in PW, specified in a separate Rector's decision, taking into account the quantity and quality of work necessary to perform the contract, the date of completion and the amount of funds specified in the budget of the unit for this purpose (see link below) 
  • In particularly justified cases, including when concluding contracts with persons with exceptionally high qualifications or persons who are specialists in rare specialties, the rate of remuneration may be - with the consent of the Rector - set at a higher amount. 
  • The amount of remuneration for work performed on the basis of a mandate contract should be determined in the contract, taking into account the minimum hourly rate specified in separate regulations. 
  • In the case of mandate contracts concluded for a period longer than 1 month; 
    • remuneration for the performance of work is paid once a month on the basis of the number of hours of the contract, confirmed in the order acceptance report; 
    • in the event of not performing work in a given month, the Contractor shall submit a declaration of non-work

Regulations on remuneration of employees of the Warsaw University of Technology (Rector's Ordinance 18/2020) - in Polish »

  • The regulations contain possible forms of employment and maximum salary rates 

Ruegulations for submitting and signing applications as well as preparing and signing contracts and other documents related to the implementation of research projects financed or co-financed from national funds (Rector's Ordinance 37/2019) - in Polish»

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