Documents of the WUT Project Service Center (COP)

SharePoint cloud space  was prepared by WUT Project Service Center (COP) especially for PW employees.

It contains information and documents facilitating the preparation and submission of applications in competitions for research projects and the implementation of projects at the university. In it you will find the annual schedule of competitions organized under national, international and structural funds, as well as documents regarding projects supported by COP departments (Department of National Projects, Department of International Projects, Department of Structural Funds):

  • internal regulations of the Warsaw University of Technology and external regulations of institutions announcing grant programmes, 
  • internal and external arrangements, e.g. correspondence with institutions announcing competitions, letters resolving dubious issues, e.g. remuneration or VAT, the most important arrangements regarding projects financed from structural funds, NCN, NCBR, Horizon 2020, 
  • document templates valid at WUT. Information and documents are intended for internal use.

All PW employees who use the @ domain have access to the website. When logging in, enter: login - e-mail address @ and password - such as for a company computer or company e-mail.

Service is available only in Polish