Studies at the Faculty of Physics

Studies are an incubator of your life attitudes and energy for action to characterize you throughout your life. Thanks to social skills, well-established self-esteem, and a specific, technical and analytical approach to solving tasks that life will put in front of you, every employer will see you as a partner to achieve your development goals. Mostly these skills will allow you to think about starting your own business and realizing your dreams without fear. Remember that what you will learn as part of the study program are the only tools you will use to build your own future.

Free studies in Polish

Foreigners who have the right to study in Polish free of charge (applies to full-time studies), according to the Act, are:

  1. citizens of a European Union Member State, the Swiss Confederation or a Member State of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), - parties to the agreement on the European Economic Area and their family members living in the territory of the Republic of Poland, 
  2. persons who have been granted a permanent residence permit or long-term resident of the European Union, 
  3. persons who have been granted a temporary residence permit in connection with the circumstances referred to in art. 159 sec. 1 or art. 186 paragraph 1 point 3 or 4 of the Act of 12 December 2013 on foreigners (Journal of Laws of 2017, items 2206 and 2282 and of 2018, items 107, 138, and 771), 
  4. persons who have the refugee status granted in the Republic of Poland or enjoy temporary protection or subsidiary protection on the territory of the Republic of Poland; 
  5. holders of the Pole's Card or persons who were issued with a decision confirming Polish origin, 
  6. spouses, ascendants or descendants of a citizen of the Republic of Poland, living in the territory of the Republic of Poland, 
  7. persons with a certificate confirming the knowledge of Polish as a foreign language referred to in art. 11a paragraph. 2 of the Act of October 7, 1999, on the Polish language (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 931), at least at the C1 language proficiency level (more).

Except that the foreigners mentioned above in points 1 to 6 must have one of the following documents confirming their knowledge of the Polish language:

  • certificate of completion of a preparatory course to undertake education in Polish, provided by units designated by the minister responsible for higher education; 
  • a certificate of knowledge of the Polish language at the level of at least B1, issued by an entity authorized by the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language
  • secondary school-leaving certificate or diploma issued in the Polish education system, or a secondary school leaving certificate abroad, where classes were conducted in Polish. 
  • The online result of the Polish language test at the Foreign Language Center of the Warsaw University of Technology (available after registration)

Paid studies in Polish 

BSc studies in Polish in Technical Physics and Photonics starting in October are available for EUR 1,500 per semester.

MSc studies in Technical Physics (in Polish) and Photonics (in English) starting in February or October are available for EUR 2,000 per semester.

Engineering studies

logo fizyki technicznejLogo fotoniki

We offer first stage (BSc) studies only in Polish.

Choosing our faculty, you are beginning a 7-semester adventure with physics, which you can experience in one of two filelds:

MSc studies

logo fizyki technicznejlogo Photonics

We offer second stage (MSc) studies in the field of Technical Physics (in Polish) and in the field of Photonics (in English).

Second stage (MSc) studies in Polish in the field of Technical Physics are addressed to graduates of studies related to Technical Physics (including Photonics), who have obtained the professional title of engineer or bachelor's degree. The studies last 3 or 4 semesters and concern one of the 5 specializations:

  • advanced materials physics 
  • nuclear physics and technology 
  • data mining and interdisciplinary modeling 
  • applied optics 
  • medical physics

 The faculty also offers second stage (MSc) studies in English in the field of "Photonics". These studies are free of charge for: Polish citizens and citizens of European Union member states, the Swiss Confederation or member states of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) - parties to the agreement on the European Economic Area and their family members residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland

PhD studies

Third stage studies lead to a doctorate in physical sciences. Studies in physics (full-time programmes in Polish as the language of instruction, part-time programmes in English as the language of instruction) at the Warsaw University of Technology are conducted by doctoral schools No. 1 and 3.

Page of doctoral schools at Warsaw University of Technology (in Polish)