Contract for specific work

A contract for specific work is a contract in which the contractor undertakes to perform the work specified in the contract for the benefit of the contracting authority. Contracts for specific work may be concluded for the performance of works, the result of which can be clearly determined at the time of concluding the contract. The result of the work should be measurable and verifiable. The contractor of the work is responsible to the contracting authority for the achievement of the result specified in the contract. In the case of specific work contracts concluded for the purpose of execution a work within the meaning of copyright law and when the parties provide for the possibility of such a work being created during the performance of the contract, the contract should include provisions stating that the subject of the contract is / may be a work and provisions determining which of the parties include only proprietary copyrights to the work, or provisions on granting a license to use of the song.

If it is necessary to conclude a contract for a specific work, without the possibility of using model contracts, it is absolutely necessary to obtain a legal opinion.


 Only persons employed at the Warsaw University of Technology submit a declaration on the performance of the contract outside working time. They must also obtain the consent of their immediate supervisor to conclude the contract.

 Remember to specify the parameters of the work in the content of the contract or in an appendix hereto.

Acceptance report

Conctract bill

Contract bill (in Polish) (.odt, 06/10/2021)

SAP questionnaire

   The SAP questionnaire is submitted only by persons who conclude a contract with the Warsaw University of Technology for the first time

Statements for foreigners

    The following documents are submitted only by persons residing outside Poland, but within the territory of the EU or EFTA, and paying social security contributions outside Poland. The form A1 is issued by the social security institution person is registered with in the home country. It is required to attach also the tax-residence ceriticate from the home contry.