List of researchers who have been awarded the academic degree of doctor of physical sciences on the basis of a resolution of the Council of the Faculty of Physics (until September 2019) or the Scientific Council of the Discipline of Physical Sciences (from October 2019).

Dr Krzysztof Zberecki

Awarded on 11 October 2007

Dr Hanna Zbroszczyk

Awarded on 26 June 2008

Dr Ewa Zbydniewska

Awarded on 24 March 2016

Dr Mariusz Zdrojek

Awarded on 21 December 2006

Dr Krzysztof Zegadło

Awarded on 29 October 2015

Dr Andrzej Ziółkowski

Awarded on 26 June 2008

Dr Klaudia Żerańska-Chudek

Awarded on 24 June 2021