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We are starting recruitment for studies!

Photo showing people handing themselves a notebook with the PW symbol

Register on the site

Do you want to become a student of the Faculty of Physics at the Warsaw University of Technology? Passing the matura exam is the first step. Second - online registration in our enrollment system (partly in Polish). You have the time for it from June 6 to July 6.

At the Faculty of Physics, you can study:

You will choose the fields of study when completing the registration form on the registration page. Candidates for PW may choose more than one field of study under one enrollment fee - use this option and choose technical physics and photonics as the first two on the list, in the order you choose.

Also, remember to include up to and including July 6:

  • pay the enrollment fee (the system will generate an individual account number),
  • enter the results of the matura exam,
  • enter the results of diplomas confirming professional qualifications (if you have any),
  • send electronic versions of certificates, diplomas and other documents needed in the recruitment process.

The full recruitment schedule can be found on the website University Recruitment Office.

Expect the recruitment results on July 11 - you will find them on your individual recruitment account.