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SFINKS Symposium - registration is ongoing

We cordially invite you to take part in the fifth edition (first in remote form) of the Symposium on Interdisciplinary Physics in eConomic and Social Sciences.

We hope that, in line with the current tradition, SFINKS will be an opportunity to better understand and consolidate scientific contacts between young researchers / researchers (for this collection
we include students, doctoral students and doctors interested in the broadly understood subject of the physics of complex systems.

Registration and more information on the symposium website - (in Polish)

Who is SFINKS for?

Are you interested in interdisciplinary applications of physics and complex systems? Are you still at university, you are trying to get a doctorate, or recently you can put the desired abbreviation "dr" in front of your surname?

If your answer is "yes", then we would like to invite you to take part in SFINKS, the Symposium on Interdisciplinary Physics in eConomic and Social Sciences.

We decided to organize SFINKS when we realized that although the group of young people involved in the study of complex systems in Poland is numerous, our contacts, contacts and cooperation between various teams unfortunately leave a lot to be desired. Therefore, on the one hand, we wanted to create an opportunity to meet and get to know each other better, and on the other hand, also to give the youngest of us the opportunity to speak at a scientific conference in front of a friendly audience composed largely of our peers.

To meet these challenges, we offer you to participate in a one-day, free symposium, which will take place in June 2021 - for the first time in a remote form. Regardless of whether you want to make a presentation or just listen to other speakers and a panel of experts - our conference is just for you!


Important dates:

  • May 5, May 21 - application submission deadline
  • by May 26 - information about the acceptance of applications
  • June 7 - symposium date


We will post information about the platform on which the symposium will take place at a later date.

For how much?

The conference fee is exactly PLN 0 - for both active and passive participants. The price includes conference materials (electronic), coffee breaks and pizza. This year, all active participants will also receive the gadgets we are working on by post.

How to sign up?

Participation in the symposium requires registration via the form on the event website

What to tell about?

Presentations on the broadly understood physics of complex systems, especially the applications of physics in economic and social sciences are welcome.


  • Students have a total of 5 minutes for their presentations - 3 minutes for slides and 2 minutes for discussion.
  • PhD students have 10 minutes for their presentations - 6 minutes for slides and 4 minutes for discussion.
  • Doctors have 15 minutes for their presentations - in this case we leave the division into slides and discussion to the speakers.