A new publication of the employees of our Faculty in cooperation with external institutions.

The "Materials" journal (140 points) published a work which was the result of cooperation between the employees of our Faculty (Dr. C. Jastrzębski, Dr. M. Struzik and Dr. K. Zberecki) with the Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics of the Warsaw University of Technology (Ph.D. . Eng., J. Judek), the University of Warsaw (Dr. P. Wróbel) and the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Dr. P. Michałowski, MA M. Ożga, Dr. B. Witkowski and MA A. Seweryn).

In the work entitled Titanium Nitride as a Plasmonic Material from Near-Ultraviolet to Very-Long-Wavelength Infrared Range has shown that titanium nitride (TiN) can be an attractive and competitive material for modern photonics applications. The results of the work show that the polycrystalline TiNx layer (x - nitrogen to titanium ratio) deposited on a silicon substrate shows plasmonic properties in a wide spectral range (from 400 nm to 30 µm) at room temperature. It was precisely the properly selected nitrogen to titanium ratio that turned out to be the key to optimizing this material. The measured optical properties for x in the range 0.84 to 1.21 prove the high application potential of titanium nitride. Moreover, the analytical model and ab-initio calculations used show that it is possible to register more subtle optical effects related to the specific TiN band structure.

Currently, the team is working on the study of other materials with a similar atomic structure.