Competition for student internships at The Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ICHF)

The Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences is looking for students to complement research teams in the project "From Postdoc to PI future ERA leaders" PD 2 PI co-financed by the European Commission under the Maria Skłodowska Curie H 2020 activities

The Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences IChF is the leading institution researching various aspects of chemistry IChF has the highest research excellence category among research units in Poland ( which places us in the top 5 of the best research units IChF is also involved in the education of a new generation of scientists being home for two PhD schools MSc and BA students are also given the opportunity to work at the frontiers of science via offered interns hips. 

Currently IChF carries out the project “From Postdoc to PI the future leaders of ERA” PD 2 PI project co financed by the European Commission under Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions H 2020. This is a novel programme for postdoctoral fellows with main focus on broadly understood chemistry with its links to medicine/biology and physics. On the course of this project we have selected best researchers postdocs to carry out cutting edge research. Now we are looking for students to complement resesearch teams led by these excellent postdocs. 

Students who would like to carry out a research internship at IChF under the supervision of the postdocs employed in the framework of the PD 2 PI project are welcome to submit their applications.


Candidates may choose one of the proposed research topics specified here: 

Main criteria: 

  • MSc or bachelor students of chemistry, physics, materials science/engineering, biotechnology or related fields are eligible to submit thier applications,
  • English language t he candidates must be able to communicate in English on a daily basis in a scientific environment,

Application documents: 


  • CV (up to 1 page), including educational background, list of scientific achievement (incl. publications) contact details
  • motivational letter (up to 1 page), indicating the number of the proposal to which the candidate is applying and explaining the reasons for the choice of a specific internship proposal

Candidates for the student insternships are invited to send applications by 30 Sept 2021 to the e mail address: (e-mail title:  Rekrutacja 34/2021) 

Up to 10 candidates will be selected one candidate per internship topic.
Successful candidates receive a monthly gross remuneration of PLN 1 000. 

Poster_students for PD2PI (.pdf, 19/07/2021)