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Nowy wspólny projekt międzynarodowy PW oraz CERN dotyczący uczenia maszynowego w eksperymencie ALICE

Four new grants from the National Science Centre at our Faculty!

Publication of the ALICE experiment in "Nature"

A charm quark (c) in a parton shower loses energy by emitting radiation in the form of gluons (g). The shower displays a dead cone of suppressed radiation around the quark for angles smaller than the ratio of the quark’s mass (m) and energy (E). The energy decreases at each stage of the shower. (Source: CERN)

New SONATINA 5 project awarded to Dr. Daniel Pęcak

New article of the Nuclear Theory Group in Physical Review C

The new publication with the participation of Dr. M. Maciaszek was awarded by the editors of Physical Review B

A new publication by the team of prof. Jerzy Garbarczyk in cooperation with the team of prof. Andrzej Czerwiński (UW)

New publication of Dr. Ł. Graczykowski and Dr. M. Janik in Physical Review C

New scietific project of prof. Hanna Zvroszczyk team

Joint interdisciplinary publication of scientists from the Faculties of Physics and EiTI on effective modeling and visualization of the magnetic field in the ALICE experiment using GPU

Publication of the ALICE experiment, prepared at our Faculty, shows how the characteristics of the strong interaction between ordinary matter and strange matter change

A new publication by the team of prof. Jerzy Garbarczyk in Scientific Reports

Consolidation of the PW leadership of the antiprotonic atoms program at AEgIS experiment at CERN

The publication of the team of Tomasz Pietrzak PhD DSc Eng. with the participation of our students in Materials

prof. Piotr Magierski awarded for his scientific works

Development of the education profile in the face of the challenges of contemporary sports physiology

Phonon and Thermal Properties of Thin Films Made from WS2 Mono- and Few-Layer Flakes

Review article by the team of dr hab. T. Pietrzak in Nanomaterials

Special issue of "Universe" magazine on heavy ion collisions

Maria Stefaniak wins the Chasman 2021 award!

Maria Stefaniak

Maria Stefaniak, PhD student at the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology, together with Mikaela Dunkin (Stony Brook University) became laureates of the Renate W. Chasman 2021, awarded by Brookhaven Women in Science (BWIS)

New research project of the team leaded by prof. Piotr Lesiak

One dimensional photonic crystal in nematic liquid crystal doped with gold nanoparticles in a capillary with a 60 µm diameter