Four new grants from the National Science Centre at our Faculty!

Summary of the results of the OPUS 22 and SONATA 17 calls. (Source: NCN)

The National Science Center (NCN) has concluded the latest edition of the OPUS and SONATA competitions. Scientists from our Faculty have obtained funding for 4 new research projects.

The following projects will be implemented as part of the 22nd edition of the OPUS competition:

  1. Prof. Piotr Magierski, project entitled  "Low energy collisions involving heavy nuclei within Time Dependent Density Functional Theory"
  2. Prof. Jerzy Antonowicz, project entitled "Ultrafast melting and crystallization of metals"

Moreover, the following projects were appreciated in the 17th edition of the SONATA competition:

  1. Dr. Marcin Patecki, project entitled "Feasibility study and experimental verification of the LHC beam halo splitting layout with bent crystals for the ALICE fixed-target programme"
  2. Dr. Łukasz Graczykowski, project entitled "Do the mass and flavor matter? Experimental studies towards a better understanding of the hadron production mechanism using angular correlations in the ALICE experiment at the LHC"

The success rate in the OPUS 22 competition was 19%, and in the SONATA 17 competition it was 21%.

More information about the competition results on the NCN website:

Congratulations to the winners!