Expert article "point of view" by prof. P. Magierski in the APS journal

An article "Point of view" by prof. Piotr Magierski from our Faculty. The title of the article is "The smallest leaky circumference in nature".

Nuclear Josephson junction.

The Josephson effect is a quantum phenomenon in superconductors. It consists in the spontaneous flow of current as a result of tunneling between two superconductors separated by a thin layer of insulator. The current flow is forced by the phase difference of the wave functions describing superconducting electrons on both sides of the insulator. This arrangement is called the Josephson junction. The phenomenon occurs in metals as well as in ultracold atomic gases. Recent experiments in which the atomic nuclei of Nickel-60 and Tin-116 were collided have shown that the Josephson junction is formed for a fraction of a second during the collision. Observation of the spectrum of the emitted gamma quanta is consistent with the theoretical predictions assuming the formation of a junction between colliding nuclei.