Consolidation of the PW leadership of the antiprotonic atoms program at AEgIS experiment at CERN

The international collaboration of the AEgIS experiment at CERN has nominated Dr Georgy Kornakov, assistant professor of the Physics Faculty of PW, on 14/9/2021 for the Convenership for Physics with Antiprotonic Atoms. This position will be shared with Dr Giovanni Cerchiari from University of Innsbruck. This nomination strengthens the leadership position of the PW team within the AEgIS experiment.

The convenorship for Antiprotonic Atoms implies, inter alia, being involved in defining the corresponding physics program; ensuring that the technical developments that enable this physics program are appropriately organized and completed in a timely manner; preparing and following up the measurement campaigns by different institutes that relate to antiprotonic atoms; ensuring that the resulting analyses are carried out and completed; facilitating and following up the resulting publications. The term of office is for 2 years.