Praktyki "Precise current measurement for the control system of precise power converter for the FAIR accelerator magnets" i projekty przewidzane są na lata 2017-2018. Pobyt studentów w Niemczech planowany jest od 3 do 6 miesięcy.


Students of the electronic and electrical or similar faculty who have the
knowledge/skills in one (or more) of the following fields:

- analogues and digital electronics (design, simulation, commissioning,
- measurement and control systems (design, commissioning, programming),
- electrical metrology (test results and method analysis),
- data processing and visualisation,
- data base (especially dedicated for measurements),
- documentation (test and quality assurance records),
- software in use: LabVIEW, Eagle, Origin, Mathcad, Simplorer, Scilab, Python
and similar.

Priority have students who have successfully built an analogue and/or digital

Expected time for the internship is between 3 and 6 months for up to 2 students
at the same time.

English is required; German is recommended.

The content of the student project can be adapted according to the time and
student skills. The project can be continued as the BSc or MSc thesis with
cooperation of the ‘home’ university (supervisor).

Please contact directly with A.Stafiniak (technical) and Y.Foka (organisation).
Please provide CV and short description of your own projects (hardware,
software). As the second step please provide minimum 1 reference (2 are
expected) from ‘home’ university - the supervisor or academic
(laboratory or project).

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